Adsense Injection

I was looking for a simple simple WordPress plugin to insert Adsense code randomly into a pre-existing blog. All the ones I found would only replace an Adsense comment with Adsense code. That’s great if you want to go through every article you have and post little adsense tags, but for a site that has some bulk to it, it sucks.

It also increased banner blindness by keeping the ads in the same place time after time.

My new Adsense Injection plugin just takes a random paragraph (or br tag) break in your article and inserts adsense code. It does one per story on multi-post pages (home, archive, category) and let’s you pick how many to show on single post pages. It lets you pick how many total ads to show at any time as well (0-3) and it lets you set the formats and colors you want it to randomly select from.



Version 2.0 Let’s you show YPN ads as well as Google, although I can’t test it because they wouldn’t give me an account in their precious beta launch. : (

If you want to keep ads from displaying on specific posts, use the tag in the post HTML somewhere. I do that on a few posts on this site. Go look for them. Low cost levitra It’s like a treasure hunt where no one wins!

If you want to keep ads from displaying above a certain point in a post, use the tag in the post HTML where you want it to start.

Here’s an example of how to fill out the Adsense Injection Options page. Use your own adsense ID.


Checkboxes for
Do not show me my own ads
Put google_adtest=”on”.

I guess you can screw up your stats by looking at your own ads. Buy Cialis Super Active+ Online Lame.
You can now pick either YPN ads, Google Ads or randomize them.
adsensestart tag now exists for people with images and whatnot
You can ad multiple ads on single page posts to really cram ads down people’s throats. Yeehaw!


Added a center alignment option. I also made the plugin work for people who don’t use the wysiwyg editor. It splits the post on <br instead of the paragraph tag. Giggidy gee.


Bit of a stupid paragraph tag ruining bug fixed today. If you were having problems before, this should fix it.


Put a new ad size in the code. Also, Danny from had the cool idea of putting a tag in a post or page that would prevent AdSense ads from being displayed. Now, if you put <!–noadsense–> in a post or a page, no matter what the other settings are, no ads will be displayed in that post anywhere. Category pages, archives, the home page, there just won’t be any ads on it. Thanks Danny! Awesome idea!


New version crestor doesn’t mess up paragraph tags if they have class attributes.


Apparently my site couldn’t take the stress of a global WordPress Dashboard link. Dang. Thanks for the link! Viagra prescription Hope it works now!


Apparently running AdSense in your feed is against their TOS. Apparently this plugin also displayed ads if you were running your feeds in full text. I don’t do that because then they just get scraped by spammer dicks. This new update removes Ads from your feed if you were running full text. It also gives you the new 200×200 block


I think a lot of people are really going to like this update.

I added a set of checkboxes in the admin panel that will let you opt out of displaying adsense ads on certain types of pages:

The Home Page
Static Pages
Post Pages
Category Pages
Archive Pages

If you want to NOT display ads on your home page or on static pages, then just go click the corresponding box in your Options>Adsense Buy Cialis Super Active+ Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed panel. That oughta keep your grubby mitts out of my code! Western union CYPRUS agent location


I added the one huge banner, I think it’s 460, for everyone Buy cialis soft online who likes running banners instead of little boxes that disrupt blogposts. Viagra pill

I also added an Admin only checkbox on the options page so you can preview your Adsense Injected blog for yourself without letting your users see. It actually previews your blog with Adsense for anyone with a user level above 8 — but if you know what that means you can probably change it on your own.